It’s the big thing.  Everybody with a business is voraciously trying to get subscribers, likes, and followers. Upon starting my internship with Epic Careering, I joined some Linkedin groups to do just that.

As I clicked through the LinkedIn groups, there were many discussions that were dedicated to people posting their twitter handles, facebook pages, or youtube channels for a “follow me, I’ll follow back” type scenario.

Ignoring my initial hesitation, blindly, I started copy and pasting people’s twitter handles from the LinkedIn discussion to the Epic Careering twitter and following them, hoping they would follow back.  I ended up following almost 300 people and only got about 40 followers to follow back.

I understand the point of these discussions, but it’s a hack.  This isn’t how social media is supposed to work.  You’re supposed to have great, original content and if people like you, they’ll “like” you.   I do recognize and appreciate LinkedIn’s platforms for this kind of social marketing, so I’ve come up with a compromise to facilitate a more organic subscriber/liker/follower growth for people and their businesses on LinkedIn discussions.

Here it is: LindedIn discussions that ask you to give a brief description of your business or yourself and what kind of content you put out on your social media, with links to your preferred social media accounts. With this approach, people can connect with other people after knowing a bit about who they are and what they do instead of just gathering an unknowing audience of followers.

Let’s get to know each other.  Who are you? What do you do? How can we solve this problem together?


(picture by Aidan  Jones http://bit.ly/191BLp1)