I’m curious about this new trend in infographic résumés.  Google gave me two popular ones to check out.

First, I went on Kinzaa.  It’s a free infographic resume service.  You type in your information including your education, work experience, and skills and then your information is plugged into a visually appealing graphic setup.  The second one I explored was visualize.me.  You type in your information quite the same way as in Kinzaa.  What comes out in both cases is a very clean looking, visual representation of your information.

What I liked about the infographic résumés is their ability to visually represent overlapping items, such as education or work experience.  On a regular résumé, these items are harder to visualize (for me at least).

I didn’t like how you had to rate yourself on a scale from average to expert on your skills. How was I rate myself on skills like creative writing and oral communication?  I found that challenging not only when rating myself, but also when deciding how many years that I had been doing them because of the ambiguous nature of the development of those skills.  When done well, written résumés are extremely effective in communicating your skill level without assigning a number of years to it. That can be said for a lot of segments of a written résumé.  With that in mind, I do not think that infographic résumés will replace the written résumé, but I do think it’s a great extra tool to use as a job seeker.  They can be used as a useful “leave-behind.”  Also, sometimes a visual of your experience will stick in someone’s head in a different way than written words will.

I think infographic résumés could go beyond just representing people’s information in an attractive way.   How could they better represent the impact that people will have when hired at a company?  And even further, how could they more directly identify the “needs indicators” in the person’s résumé and project that information out to recruiters?  Perhaps the future infographic résumés will be a tool that can directly match a company’s needs with a person’s experience and skills.  What a wonderful world that would be.