Indiana Jones fedora hat


I started typing a blog yesterday to post today that was about all of the events I attended since my last blog.  And then I made a phone call.


I’ve had to do a lot of things this year with my hat in my hands.  This idiom describes one of the most valuable lessons I am learning at the moment.   I say “learning at the moment” and not “learned thus far” because as long as I am still on this messy road called life, I am still learning.  I won’t except that I am done learning life’s lessons.  There is always room for new knowledge and growth.

For me, the phrase “with hat in hand” evokes an image of humility.  I see a person who recognizes their limitations and goes to talk to another person, taking away anything that can mask their true self and true emotion (i.e. the hat).  Of course, with humility comes vulnerability and for most of my life I believed that was weakness.  Then I saw Brené Brown’s TEDx Houston talk and it changed my mind.

Brené calls vulnerability the key to living a wholehearted life.  A wholehearted life is about having the courage to show up and be seen, no matter how messy and imperfect, while simultaneously believing that you are worthy of love and belonging.  I aspire to live a whole hearted life.  This year (and this morning, for that matter) felt like a step in the right direction.

This morning I made a phone call that I didn’t want to make.  I was scared.  I knew that my hat was off and plainly in my shaking hands.  There was no shade to cover my imperfections, only the light of my honesty to shine on my nervous face.  I asked for some of the responsibility I am holding in a position to be put on hold for a few weeks while I try to get my head on straight.  It was difficult to ask for but the other half of the conversation ended up understanding and appreciating my honesty.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  Even if the conversation had turned sour, I still would have been able to take heart in the fact that I was completely honest and forthcoming.   It would have been worth it either way.   I recommend showing up and being seen to anyone.

An upcoming blog will follow up on this idea of vulnerability via Brené’s book Daring Greatly and examples of me trying out a wholehearted life like this morning, but for now, see this link to Brené brown’s TEDx talk—you won’t regret it: