Mary Kate:

Last week, Heidi wrote a great post about how important it is to remain humble, vulnerable, and honest in your daily dealings, whether you’re at work or with friends and family. I wanted to write something about that and relate it to my job and how I can embody these characteristics at work every day.

My weekly schedule is very full at work and, though I know there will be some “easy” weeks, it feels as though the work will never end. I don’t meant to say that I don’t enjoy what I do, because I do, it can just be overwhelming sometimes (and, really, who isn’t at least a little overwhelmed at work?). This constant go go go schedule also has me concerned about doing my job right the first time so I don’t get behind, despite the fact that I am still learning things every day. In a situation like this, I think it is so important to remind myself to stay humble and, like Heidi said, vulnerable. I can’t be afraid to go to my supervisor “hat in hand” and ask a question…or 10. I am in no position to think that I have all the answers or that I can fix issues that I come across without some help (not yet, anyway). I’ve only been in my position for a little over a month and I know it will be far worse if I try to fix something or solve a problem on my own if I’m not sure what I’m dealing with.

I can’t be afraid to approach the people in charge–the people who have trained me and whose job it is to supervise and help me with my work–and ask questions. I think it is human nature to want to solve a problem on their own the first time and appear not to need help but I’ve learned, slowly and painstakingly, that that’s not the way to handle things in a career or in life. With an attitude like that, you will end up frazzled and with more problems on your plate than you had before.

I want to be the person that asks 1,000 questions for the first few months or even year on the job, so that after that time I can feel more confident and in control because I got the answers I needed right away.

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The quote in this photo might sound a little cheesy but it’s true–how much courage does it take to walk up to your boss and admit that you don’t have all the answers? How do you ask for help on the job or in life?