I saw an opportunity at a company.  I liked the company but not the job.  Not only did I not like the job, I wasn’t qualified for it—it was a financial fund accountant of sorts.  What did I do?  I wrote them a customized cover letter.

The gist of my letter: Hey, ya’ll!  I can’t do financial stuff but I can do X, Y, and Z.  I also gave concrete examples of things that I like about their company to exemplify why I was interested in them and why I think I’d be a good fit for their culture.

I got an interview.

Tips for this kind of work?  Be genuine.  That’s basically the overall theme of a successful job search, but you want to make sure you’re being especially genuine in cover letters and résumés.  Here’s why: you can always defend the truth.

Many people embellish their résumés and cover letters because they think it will help them get a job and it might—but then they’ll be in a job that they’re not qualified or experienced for.  Your problems just start there.  The goal of the job search is to get into a position that fits you, so how can you do that if you don’t tell the truth in your résumé and cover letters?

If you want to work somewhere and you don’t see a job posted that suits you, try it.  You’ll be surprised at what kind of results you can get.

Helpful links:

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