I fight writer's block with spaghetti.

I fight writer’s block with spaghetti.


I recently talked to my boyfriend about his personal statement.  He was having difficulty writing it. I gave his science-mind some advice about writing. Since I wrote my last blog on writing cover letters I figured I’d write about writing, so I’ll share some of the advice I gave him with you to ease your writing qualms for cover letters, personal statements, blogs, etc.

My blogs happen in drafts. 

I emphasize drafts for a couple reasons.  One of them being it’s much less intimidating. People tend to freak out when they think they only get one time to get it write (hehe–get it?).  What I suggested to my boyfriend is something I started doing when I wrote poetry in high school:  open a couple of word documents and put a couple of ideas on one—skip to the next one put a couple of different ideas on that one, etc.  Then flesh out some of your ideas and see where it takes you.  One word document’s ideas might develop beautifully and you can exit the others, or you might end up melding two of the ideas together from separate documents. Many things can happen.  Just go with it. Putting ideas down on paper (or computer) is like throwing spaghetti at a wall.  If you throw a whole bunch, some of it has to stick.   

As always, what works for me may not work for you.  Tell me in the comments–what works best for your writer’s block/writing troubles?

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