dancing in the rain

When it rains it pours.  I heard this old saying a couple months ago in a conversation with Karen regarding leads. That is the first time I had heard the phrase and at the time to my knowledge I had not experienced this.  Although, now I have some thoughts on the matter.

This old saying has perfectly described my job search.  There will be weeks when my email inbox is empty and all of my hard work is seemingly not producing any results.  Then I’ll have a weekend like this past one where I’ll reach out to people, have fun, get rejuvenated, and excited again.  I came back to my inbox today to three emails regarding some of my job search efforts. This is a huge success!

I think this raining adage is all about mindset.  If you’re in a negative spiral, the pouring rain may seem overwhelming and scary even if the rain is needed.  For example, if the emails had come in last week I probably would have been happy, but overwhelmed and a little scared to start following up with these people and companies.  But now that I am revitalized after this great weekend, my job search mojo is back and I feel inspired to follow through on these opportunities from a place of excitement.  I believe in order to be ready for the pouring rain you must be excited to run out into it and dance.  (Can you tell I love rain as a metaphor?)

Get excited and let’s dance!