I decided that I would take two days off from work early next week for some “me” time. It was amazing how long it took me to allow myself to do that, even though I’m pretty sure I need a mental health day. Things are going well at work and in my personal lifenothing is wrongbut I woke up on Friday morning last week and thought “Yep. I need this.” I had to give myself permission to take those two vacation days because I felt guilty. I’m a rational person and I know I shouldn’t feel that way, but we all have our irrational moments sometimes, right?

When I was thinking about what to write for this post and reading other blogs for inspiration, I came across quite a few that state that mental health days are becoming more “popular.” I think this is because employers and employees alike are realizing they are needed every once in awhile to maintain and improve productivity. Everyone, no matter who you are, feels burnt out from time to time and taking even one day to decompress can improve your outlook immensely. Stress is a very dangerous thing if it gets out of control because it can affect you mentally, emotionally, and physicallyalmost like the flu. If all a person needs to dispel some of that stress is to take a few days off, then why not?

I firmly believe in mental health days. We all need them once in awhile and without them we might go a little nutty (which is what I want to avoid!). I’m not sure if you readers are anything like me and feel that you need permission to take a vacationwell, I’m giving it to you! Take the time you need to rest, do something you enjoy, and be human again. Do nothing all day, take a cooking class, or clean out that closet you’ve been meaning to organize for years. Whatever your style, take the time you need. If you’re overworked and overstressed, your work and eventually your personal life will suffer.

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