I found this uplifting article, 10 Things Most Successful People Do At Night Before Sleep, while browsing Twitter the other day. What do you do before you go to sleep at night? Typically, I flop down on the couch or in my bed and read or play games on my smartphone, just to unwind for the day. I don’t have a TV in my room, so I don’t watch movies and I don’t listen to my headphones–I usually have a pretty quiet evening. But, after reading the article, I wondered if anything I do, from the time I get home from work until I go to sleep, prepares me for success the next day. I had to scrutinize my habits and think about why I do them–and I came up with some great answers!

The first thing Shawn Lim, the author of the article, offers as advice to prepare for success tomorrow is to wrap up the day; that is, do not take your work home with you if you do not work from home. This is one thing I struggled with when I first started my job–I didn’t take physical work home with me, but I did take the anxieties of work home. The only thing that does is make you a ball of nerves–get out of that habit as soon as possible! Once I developed more confidence in my role at work, I understood that no matter how much I stress about my job at home, I won’t be able to accomplish anything until the next morning when I get into the office. Now, I can concentrate on my friends and family and not feel so guilty about it!

Another suggestion Lim makes is to plan for the next day by writing down what needs to get done and preparing for it. I found that accomplishing this is as simple as laying out my clothes and packing my lunch the night before, so I’m not running around frantically in the morning to get ready. If I have any errands to run after work or some freelance work to do, I make the time to get what I need or to do that work. This helps me relax when I’m ready to sleep because I know that I’ll be able to meet the challenges the next day. Preparation makes 70% of my stress go away.

The final tip Lim gives is to get enough sleep (!). I know this is the most obvious suggestion, but it’s probably one of the most difficult to achieve. It’s much easier said than done to get enough sleep during the week, but I can tell the difference in my mood and productivity immediately upon waking up after a late or restless night. I seem to need between 7 to 8 hours to function properly like a living, breathing human being and if I get a little less than that, my brain seems to be working on borrowed power. I think part of this is knowing yourself–focus your needs and what you need to do to meet them. I don’t have a spouse or children, so I can imagine making the time to get some sleep is probably very difficult with others in your household to care for, but I do know that it is extremely important to make the effort. Your spouse and your children will thank you!

This article made me think more about how I use my time. I always feel better if I have a plan for the next day, even if it’s a rough idea, and I’m going to make more of an effort to make sure I prepare at the end of each day for the one ahead.

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