I read an article somewhere, on some website, at some point (this is going somewhere, I promise) that said people are more honest in the morning. In this context, honest means motivated. This goes for people who work at an office, or who stay at home to take care of their children, or who travel every day. I thought about it a little more and it makes a lot of sense: we’re more energized in the morning and, as the day wears on, that energy starts to fray around the edges. Ever since I read that article I started listing the small, essential tasks (such as clearing out my email inbox, answering questions, tying up loose ends) first on my daily to-do list because those small things (at least for me) are best accomplished in the morning when I’m awake and have more energy.

I know my energy level has a lot to do with my mood–I have a long commute to and from work, and if I’ve had a particularly hard or exhausting day and I still have errands to run, I’ll spend my commute thinking about how I can put those errands off until tomorrow. I’m a procrastinator by nature, but I want to figure out a way to sustain that energy level, or at least some semblance of that energy level, all day. I want to remain honest and not cut corners because I don’t feel like following up with an author right away, or making notes for my status meeting this week, or working on those article proofs. I want to overcome my own strong will to make excuses.

I’ve done some “research” on this and people have a lot of interesting things to say about honesty at work, energy levels, and motivation. Personally, I find that an afternoon walk, even if it’s around the block, puts my mind back on track. Or just walking across the street to sit down on a park bench for 10 minutes to clear my head does amazing things for my focus. I know now that things are usually not as difficult as they appear to be at first and simply thinking about nothing for a few minutes can do wonders for your mood. I’m not one to meditate (I’ve actually never tried it, so maybe that’s a bucket list item!) but I know that moving my mind and sometimes my physical body away from the task or issue at hand helps me center myself and view the problem in a new light.

How about you? How do you remain motivated and honest throughout your day?


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