It makes me feel better to remember that my favorite color is purple. It reminds me that I liked things before people told me I should.  And somehow, that makes me feel better.

It helps me when I plan something that involves people.  It helps me to talk to people.  To share ideas and interact.  To gather friends and watch the magic happen.  The laughs, the smiles, and even the serious talks.

It helps me to remember the rules that you think you have to follow and remember that you don’t have to follow them. Like wearing a bra. That’s not a law. Or getting a job in an office building. Or keeping your phone on all the time.

Sometimes you go through a little rough patch.  It could be a career transition where you forget what you are good at doing or a just a bad day.  Sometimes you have to ask yourself: what helps?  It helps me to remember my favorite color is purple.  What helps you?