Simplifying has  become a really useful tool in this confusing time in my life.  I am in a transition.  I am graduated from college, but do not have a job yet.  All of the activities that I did at school no longer define me or keep me busy.  All of the friends I made now live far away.  I don’t  have much money.  A lot of things seem hard right now.

So I’ve been trying to simplify by asking questions of myself.  What is really important to me?  What motivates me?  Are there things I should be doing more/less of?  How am I feeling at this very moment?

What’s been happening when I simplify is that I become self-aware.  I learn more about myself and therefore want I want to do and which direction to go.  It can be something small, for example, how am I feeling at this moment when I am camping and we are all laughing around the fire?  Amazing.  So, I try to be grateful and enjoy the moment and plan to have moments that make me feel like this when I come home.

Paying attention to things like this can be helpful in all different areas of your life.  For example, if you notice your mood is never in a good place at work, you know you need to do something about it.  It could be as simple as exercising before work, or as complex as transitioning careers.

Confusing situations can usually be cleared up by asking yourself  simple questions.  Try it! This practice can lead to enlightening self-discoveries that could lead you to some amazing places.