Steering Wheel Vintage Ford

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot recently because I drive four to five hours each weekend.  And boy, do I come up with a lot of great ideas while doing it.  But why?

When pondering this question this weekend while driving (haha) I realized that this doesn’t happen just when I’m driving.  It happens in the shower, it happens when I’m exercising, it happens when I’m on trains, it happens during a good conversation with someone…

What are the common threads here? I am not looking at my phone for long periods of time.  I am usually listening to music or engaged in conversation with another person.  I am not thinking about things I should be doing, I am just concentrated on thinking about what I want to think about.  Just typing out all of these things is making me happy and less stressed.

Sometimes I feel as though when I’m not doing anything in particular, especially at home, I need to check my phone or go on facebook because I feel like I don’t have a choice.  But when I’m driving and I am forced to sit with my thoughts and listen to music, I can think with more freedom and creativity.  The same goes for trains, good conversations, exercising, etc.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have come up with some great ideas because of the weird timing of a phone call that interrupted me, or a word someone used in an email or text, but in general I find my best ideas come when I am able to disconnect from technology and really be myself.

Even though I recognize this, keeping to a routine of checking my phone constantly and being on my laptop all day is easy to slip back into.  Being aware of the conditions in which I thrive is the first step to being able to take control of the habits that prevent me from doing so and eventually change them.

Ariana Huffington has some great ideas on this in her interview with Marie Forleo.  Check it out: