This is going to be a semi-instructional post (sort of?). To begin, I want to disclose that I’m one of those people who can never sleep well on Sunday nights. I’m sure it’s from a mix of sleeping in over the weekend, unconscious concerns for the week ahead, and anything else that’s rolling around inside my noggin at night. Well, I made an egregious error this past Sunday night by not only going to bed later than I should have, but also doing that with the full knowledge that I’m coming down with the sniffles. I came back from a beautiful vacation in Aruba on Saturday and while I was there I developed a bit of a stuffy nose (from the humidity, I think). So, while I was freaking out internally about going back to work after missing a whole week, I was also not caring for my body properly and allowing the exhaustion, stress, and illness get worse. DON’T DO IT! Don’t be like me! Listen to your body–it will thank you for it.

I was fine at work yesterday until around 10am. One of the worst headaches of my life began around then and it didn’t go away all day, despite the fact that I ate lunch early and drank a lot of water to try and combat it. My eyes were starting to blur from fatigue and I couldn’t concentrate as well around 2pm. Boy, did I regret going to bed late for the rest of the afternoon! Not only was it so much more difficult to get any work done, but I was also not myself. I remember praying that I wouldn’t have to meet with my supervisor or manager during the day so I wouldn’t come off like a sloppy, drowsy weirdo. But in all honesty, I didn’t enjoy not feeling like myself almost as much as I didn’t enjoy feeling slightly ill and tired.

The point of this “instructional” post, my fellow millennials, is to be at your best at all times. We’re adults now (as scary as that may be), and we have to take responsibility for ourselves. I can no longer pull an all-nighter and still be able to function the next day. I cannot eat pizza, pasta, and ice cream for a week straight and not have it affect me negatively. It’s just not possible, and I’m okay with that! I feel much better mentally, emotionally, and physically when I’m well-rested, made an effort to eat well (because I am so not able to resist chocolate :)), and am able to fit some physical exercise into my day. I know it’s hard to accept that we, as millennials, have to put our college days behind us but it is true. Be good to yourselves!

Does anyone have horror stories about functioning on little to no sleep in the workplace? How does not treating yourself well affect your performance at work?

My view at the beach last Friday.