So, about two weeks ago, my budding career turned one year old. Can you believe it? I began work at this company last September–it seems like both a lifetime and only a week since I walked into this office (well, our old office. We actually moved buildings in February, but I digress). I never realized how quickly the time would pass and how many situations I’d experience in just one year’s time. I know I was feeling overwhelmed exactly a year ago at this time (just two weeks after my first day), because I was finished training and getting into the “real work.” I know that for the next month, I felt overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, as well as excited, elated, and confident. Something happened around January or so–I began to feel more in control and able to handle what came my way in a day. I began letting that confidence show in meetings with my supervisor and manager. Today, though I still ask for help, I feel knowledgeable and competent.

I wish the same for all of you, dear readers (whoever you all may be!). I wish you the same feelings of confidence and happiness. I also wish for you some times of stress (short times, and not very much stress!), because those are the times that, though they break you down, actually build you up in the long run. They’ll make you stronger and more resourceful. They’ll make you even more confident. All of this applies to any and all seasons of life that you may be in right now–school, work (full- or part-time), unemployment, whatever it may be. In every stage of life, there is opportunity to learn and grow. If I hadn’t experienced unemployment after graduate school, I wouldn’t know the hardship of it. I wouldn’t know what it is to struggle, and the knowing has made me prepared.

This morning, I will answer many emails, sip some coffee, and maybe eat some oatmeal. It will look like a mundane morning to anyone else, but I know that the emails I’m writing, the proofs I’m correcting, even the difficult people I deal with in one day, is bringing me closer to something. The person I want to be one day, or the career I wish to have. It’s all leading me somewhere, and I’m so thankful for it!

What about you? Do you have a story about overcoming hardship? I’d love to hear it!


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