You know those articles that are ever present on the internet these days, giving advice about how to be successful or what you should do if you want to think positively, etc?  The articles that have titles like, “5 things you MUST do if you want to do ____!” or “7 reasons you shouldn’t do ____ without ____!”.  I have a story about an experience I had with them.

About a year ago, I followed, subscribed, and liked every thought leader I could on social media.  I thought this would help me by inspiring me and reminding me of things I should be doing.  Instead, it backfired.

Every day that I checked my social media feeds, I saw articles, quotes, and pieces of advice from these thought leaders sprinkled throughout my friend’s posts, just like the examples above. I would try to read as many of them as I could.  But with every day that passed, I got increasingly numb to the articles, quotes, and pieces of advice.  I began to feel pressured and guilty that I wasn’t doing what the articles said I should be doing.

I don’t mean to bash these type of articles and social media practices because, heck, to some extent Marykate and I do the exact same thing!  I just want to bring to light my experience with them and how I changed that experience because it was a negative one for me personally.  Now, I keep my social media feeds clear of things that I think I “should” be reading and fill it with things that I want to read.  When I want to read the articles that used to overwhelm my social media feeds, I go search for them.

Searching for them instead of having them forced on me in my social media feeds makes a huge difference because I choose to get the information and am in the right mindset for sifting through it. For me, being selective about what kind of media I am taking in everyday really helps me take control of my daily worries and therefore, my life.