I’ve watched Once Upon a Time on ABC since it’s first season.

The show tells the stories of fairy tale characters, old and new (some from big Disney movies) in a way that highlights their heroic moments and their not-so-heroic moments.  It details every character’s history and why they have the feelings they do today which give you a good idea of their motives for their actions. The show does a great job at reminding it’s audience that the heroes aren’t always making the “good” choices and the villains aren’t always making the “bad” choices.  The characters always seem to get out of bad moods and poor decisions with the help of others who love them, even against incredible odds.

I like this message because it reminds me that life is all about the choices we make.  We can choose to have hope and act out of kindness, love, etc, or we can choose to be miserable and act out of jealously or hatred, etc.  It also reminds me to empathize with myself and others.  There is no one “right” way to live your life and once you start to believe that, your relationship with yourself and others will invariably improve.