"Networking" by jairoagua on Flickr (http://bit.ly/12YxfK6).

“Networking” by jairoagua on Flickr (http://bit.ly/12YxfK6).

Nothing. Move on to the next person!

Karen taught me a great phrase to say to yourself when someone is unwilling to talk to you which is, “Some will, some won’t, so what? Next!”  Recently, some people have been inviting me to connect on LinkedIn and I’ve been sending them messages back to ask if we could introduce ourselves on the phone or Skype (another helpful suggestion from Karen).  Some of them will view my profile and then not contact me again.  I could take this as an insult or make up stories about how I’m not good enough or experienced enough to make the person want to talk to me.  Instead, I choose to say, “Their loss!” and move on. Contact other people and soon enough someone who is truly interested in sharing contacts, ideas, and strategies will come along.

Networking sometimes can be a tricky business and if you’re not careful about how you , could have you doubting yourself. Don’t doubt. If someone treats you badly or doesn’t even want to talk to you, pick up your head and keep moving.  If you genuinely want to help people, you’ll eventually have success and end up meeting some amazing friends, bosses, or future business partners.