Photo courtesy of Julian Carvajal on Flickr creative commons. (

Photo courtesy of Julian Carvajal on Flickr creative commons. (\

I just got off the phone with my mom’s friend. I have never met her but she lived and worked in Philadelphia for basically her whole career. I wanted to find out more about it firsthand. It’s amazing how nervous I can be to interact with another human being. But once I do, it is the most natural and comfortable thing to do.
What is it I am afraid of though? Will I be judged? I think that that might be the thing that nags me beforehand– putting myself out there and hoping that the other person will not only understand me but be compassionate towards that understanding. Maybe the key is being comfortable with yourself even when others aren’t. If someone isn’t responding to you with compassionate understanding of who you are, give yourself that compassion you deserve. When I approach a situation knowing I am going to get compassion and empathy no matter what, I approach it without as much fear of being judged or misunderstood.
I want to remember mentality for interviews, parties, and even when I’m on the coffee line. ¬†Because, hey, I’m worth it.