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I’ve been struggling a bit lately with certain aspects of my life. What do I want to do? Where do I want to be in one year? Five tears? Ten? One of the things I’m really trying to figure out is what will make me happy, and I don’t necessarily mean as a career. I want to be happy with the work that I do, of course, but I also understand that that might not fulfill my needs in the long-term.

This past winter, I haven’t been doing that much outside of work–I come home, make dinner, read or go online. Sometimes I write. I wish I wrote more. I wish I had other things to do (I used to volunteer at my local library when I lived with my parents, and that made me feel like I was doing something good). I guess I don’t know where to start. Part of the problem is definitely the weather–who wants to go outside when the windchill is zero? I want to sit at home in my jammies and soft socks, and hibernate until some flowers pop their heads out of the dirt.

Oddly enough, just writing about all of this is making me feel more optimistic. I tend to compare myself to others and find myself thinking “She does so much outside of her job,” and “He seems so happy.” I know this is unrealistic–you can never know someone else just by looking at them–but that doesn’t make it easier to not compare myself to other seemingly more successful and happy people.

I want to write down some goals in the coming weeks and work toward achieving them. Maybe I’ll start small, like looking for volunteer opportunities in my area to see if that’s something I could commit myself to. And writing more, to discover what I want to say and how I want to say it, and how to reach larger audiences. I want to see where that takes me.

I hope everyone else is having a positive week and thinking spring! 🙂

This is a picture I took last summer of the Ben Franklin Bridge when I arrived at the Susquehanna Bank Center for a concert. Pretty cool effects, huh?

I took this on Saturday, right after my boyfriend and I went to see the baby.

I took this on Saturday, right after my boyfriend and I went to see the baby.

I’ve been feeling so emotional over the past couple weeks. So many amazing things are happening. This weekend, my boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law brought a baby girl into the world. I got to visit her on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The amount of love that I saw in everyone’s eyes was indescribable. It made me feel so lucky to have witnessed it. Life is so cool and the miracle that we’re all here at this moment in time just overwhelms me in the best way sometimes.

A lot of things have been becoming clearer to me recently. One of them being myself.  Sometimes it’s hard to hear myself when I am thinking negative thoughts and actually believing them.  I found an amazing method of inquiry to hear myself through the negative thoughts. It’s called “the work” by Bryon Katie (if you click that link it’ll take you to her website). She asks you to fill out a “judge your neighbor” worksheet about a situation in your life that is making you suffer and then asks you to go through a series of five questions about the statements you provide:

1. Is it true?

2. Can you absolutely know it’s true?

3. How do you feel when you believe the thought?

4. Who would you be without the thought?

Here’s an example of Byron Katie doing “the work” with a person who is suffering. It’s really powerful and even if this situation doesn’t resonate with you, the method of inquiry that she teaches is applicable to any situation in your life. Enjoy!

A more personal post…about me!

I’ve been learning a lot about myself in the past year or so, and becoming more comfortable with who I am. I’ve learned a lot since moving into an apartment. I know what I like to cook for dinner and when I don’t feel like cooking at all. I know how I like to decorate and that I’m neater than I ever thought I was. I love to read, of course, but I also love to write.

This was my Christmas present from my roommate–and there I am, taking the picture!

I didn’t write for a long time (years, in fact) and now I’m slowly picking it back up again. I’m journaling more and I want to put more time and effort into this blog. My favorite band is Dave Matthews Band and I can listen to them anytime, anywhere and their music will make me smile.

A blurry, dark picture from the DMB concert this past June.

I love my three nephews. I love dogs (and all other animals) and I’d like to look into volunteering at an animal shelter. I had to leave my two Bostons behind at my parents’ house (they would never let me take them!) and my youngest sister rescued a yellow lab. I love museums. I love my car :).


The first picture is Elizabeth (left) and Isabelle (right), and the bottom picture is Marlin.

I think what Heidi and I want to do with this blog is make it more relatable. I read a number of blogs and what I like most of all is when the person talks about their personal triumphs, struggles, and experiences with every day life. We are all human and, as a millennial, it’s comforting to read about a fellow millennial navigating life the same way I am–confused, trying to figure things out, but ultimately, striving to meet his or her goals. I hope Heidi and I will touch some people with this blog and I hope you will all stick with us as we try to figure out how to make this ours.

A view on my way to work this past fall.

Last week, MaryKate mentioned we’re going to try something new with the blog. Well, a lot of things new :).

I’m excited. I’m ready for a change.  It seems we have both slipped into a stale, formulaic blogging style. We want to be able to stretch our creative muscles a little more and create content more in line with our genuine selves.  We don’t want to give advice.  We want to be ourselves.  We want to share our experiences with you and make this blog something different than it is now.

I read Seth Godin’s blog.  What I like about it is that it’s always different.  Sometimes it’s only two sentences, but those sentences are so profound that it changes the way you think for the day.  I like that it’s ever changing, honest, and to the point.  I want to emulate this in the new blog.  We’re getting ready and we’re excited! We hope you all can come along with us on this journey.  We don’t expect to get it “right” immediately, but we can strive for progress towards something that feels better for us.

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