Last week, MaryKate mentioned we’re going to try something new with the blog. Well, a lot of things new :).

I’m excited. I’m ready for a change.  It seems we have both slipped into a stale, formulaic blogging style. We want to be able to stretch our creative muscles a little more and create content more in line with our genuine selves.  We don’t want to give advice.  We want to be ourselves.  We want to share our experiences with you and make this blog something different than it is now.

I read Seth Godin’s blog.  What I like about it is that it’s always different.  Sometimes it’s only two sentences, but those sentences are so profound that it changes the way you think for the day.  I like that it’s ever changing, honest, and to the point.  I want to emulate this in the new blog.  We’re getting ready and we’re excited! We hope you all can come along with us on this journey.  We don’t expect to get it “right” immediately, but we can strive for progress towards something that feels better for us.