I took this on Saturday, right after my boyfriend and I went to see the baby.

I took this on Saturday, right after my boyfriend and I went to see the baby.

I’ve been feeling so emotional over the past couple weeks. So many amazing things are happening. This weekend, my boyfriend’s brother and sister-in-law brought a baby girl into the world. I got to visit her on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. The amount of love that I saw in everyone’s eyes was indescribable. It made me feel so lucky to have witnessed it. Life is so cool and the miracle that we’re all here at this moment in time just overwhelms me in the best way sometimes.

A lot of things have been becoming clearer to me recently. One of them being myself.  Sometimes it’s hard to hear myself when I am thinking negative thoughts and actually believing them.  I found an amazing method of inquiry to hear myself through the negative thoughts. It’s called “the work” by Bryon Katie (if you click that link it’ll take you to her website). She asks you to fill out a “judge your neighbor” worksheet about a situation in your life that is making you suffer and then asks you to go through a series of five questions about the statements you provide:

1. Is it true?

2. Can you absolutely know it’s true?

3. How do you feel when you believe the thought?

4. Who would you be without the thought?

Here’s an example of Byron Katie doing “the work” with a person who is suffering. It’s really powerful and even if this situation doesn’t resonate with you, the method of inquiry that she teaches is applicable to any situation in your life. Enjoy!