Choosing to be happy can sometimes seem like a pile of horse poop. Why? Because so many gurus and motivational speakers make it sound so freaking easy. It is actually hard work. Especially if your mind has not been used to choosing it lately.

I left my last blog with a method of inquiry from Byron Katie that I have been finding helpful in this department. But what’s more is that it’s just as much practice as anything. Learning to be happy is just as much a practice as riding a bike. There will be bumps. And piles of horse poop. But after you clean it off your shoes, there is lots of unexpected laughter and human connection.

This journey is very personal. When I say “happy” that could mean something different for everyone. For me, some elements of that are that unexpected laugher and human connection. Find your happy. Learn to embody it. It’s both disheartening and deeply exciting that it takes practice.