Recently, I’ve been thinking about jobs and knowing when to move on (if you feel like you want to do that). If you’re feeling okay with your current position but you’re not being challenged every day, is this a good reason to look for something new? What if you’re happy but you’re worried about missing out on a great opportunity? I’ve been reading about these situations and talking to friends to get their input, and what I’ve come up with is this: it’s up to you.

I know–completely unhelpful, right? Well, I’ve thought a lot about this and it seems important that all jobseekers understand that your search is about you. Your friend, sister, neighbor, mother, or brother is not looking for a job or to switch careers; you are. This is something you’re going to be doing for most of your week (and, if you’re looking for part time or freelance work, it will still take up much of your time); what’s the point of even trying if you’re just going to be miserable? I know it’s easier to say “Oh, just get a new job!” or “Get the job you want!” than to actually be hired for that dream position, but I can’t think of a more depressing existence than just knocking out hours at work and watching the clock.

I understand that not everyone is going to be head over heels in love with their job, but I think that everyone has a right to at least take pride in what they do. I think that if you’re completing a task or working on something long term and you find yourself thinking, “Oh, who cares about this?” Then maybe it’s time to look for something new.

You have a right to be happy, people! And I think it’s important to tell yourself that every day (say it with me, now): I HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HAPPY! This ties in well with Heidi’s post last week–if looking for a new career, job, or position will bring you joy, DO IT.

Please check out this article from The Huffington Post by Elizabeth Gilbert. I know I’ve written a post about her before, but the more I read by and about her, the more I love what she has to say. She’s so positive about creativity and happiness that you can’t help but feel good after reading something by her. So, my wonderful readers out there, give yourself permission to be happy and then go out there and find what makes you happy!