For me, a helpful thing to know is my “quick fixes” for my mood.  My mood affects everything I do – my work, my down time, and my relationships.  When my mood is less than desirable, there are a few things I have in the back of my mind that can help me restore a more “heidi-ish” mood and therefore help me go through my day

There aren’t many quick fixes in life, no matter how many blogs try to convince you otherwise. These are some temporary fixes that I’ve found helpful. Remember, quick fixes for mood are all personalized, so mine may or may not work for you. Here are some of mine:

1. Question my thinking. Can I know what I am thinking (about myself, about other people, about the work that I need to do, etc) is true?  This is extremely helpful when I am in a bad mood because of an assumption, and this is a helpful way to figure it out. (inspired by Byron Katie’s work)

2. Straighten up the area where I am. Whether I am relaxing on the chair in my room or working at my desk, I find a quick fix for a negative mood is to straighten up my surroundings, even if it’s just moving all of my laundry into one basket or placing all of the papers on my desk into one pile and wiping it down with some Windex. I can’t really explain it, but it’s a wonderful way to spark a positive mood.

3. Eat.  I ask myself– have I eaten recently? If I haven’t, I immediately go for a snack. Food is fuel.  Without it, I turn into Megaladon, the prehistoric monster shark.

Again, these are temporary “quick fixes” for my mood. Try them out! See what works for you. It’s very helpful for me to have a short list of these in my mind for those times when I need them.