Things have been crazy busy at work recently and sometimes gathering the strength to begin a new week can seem impossible. I’ve discovered that if I just dive in to work Monday morning (by reading and answering emails immediately, immediately completing important tasks first, and making a list for the rest of the day), my day suddenly becomes much more productive. This carries over into my personal life, too: if I’m having a successful day at work, I’ll come home and make a healthy dinner or dive into other projects with more enthusiasm.

I didn’t realize it, but I start preparing for Monday morning on Friday afternoon. About a half hour before I leave for the weekend, I take all the clutter off of my desk (which usually means copies of journal issues that I’ve consulted throughout the week), put everything where it belongs, and wash my coffee and water cups. Then, when I come in Monday morning, I almost forget that I’ve done that and am surprised by my neat, organized desk. I’m much more apt to begin work immediately if I don’t have to wade through old papers and journals before I get my first cup of coffee.

If I open my email right away and begin going through it, I’ll get a few small things done. I even feel more positive after completing tasks first thing in the morning. My brain very much likes lists and checking tasks off of them and even checking off two or three smaller tasks gets me ready for bigger tasks. I have the ability to keep myself down and out, but if I decide that I won’t be that way, then I won’t.

I hope everybody had a wonderful Easter weekend. Or, if you don’t celebrate Easter, then I hope you had a nice, spring-like weekend :).