Marykate wrote an awesome blog last week, giving some tips for your first day of work. I loved all of the things she said and I followed them all too! The paying attention thing is so important in training–I found out that it was really difficult in my first week because there was so much information thrown at me at once for very long periods of time. I did need to ask for a break once when I noticed my stomach was growling and I was running on empty!

Something else I should tell you is that don’t be freaked out if you absolutely can’t do anything after work the first few days. I couldn’t do anything afterwards! I would come home and eat dinner and watch TV or sit on the couch for the rest of the night.  I was exhausted mentally and physically.  I got a little scared thinking that this would be everyday after work, but as the first week progressed and the second week rolled around, I was way more energized after work and able to food shop, do laundry, cook more elaborate dinners, and make phone calls.

My first two weeks have been great and I’m so happy to be in a new city with a great job. I really can’t ask for anything more. :).