I decided to make my blog post this week about plugging into the internet; how often are you connected to your various social media accounts? Are you constantly texting friends? What about checking your email? And, depending on your answers to those questions, is that a good or a bad thing?

I found that I go through “phases” with my engagement in social media–some days I go on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram constantly, and some days I don’t look at any of them at all (and more often than not, that stretches into weeks). Usually, I lean towards the latter. I’m on Facebook a lot because that’s how I communicate with my family and close friends, but Twitter, Instagram, and other sites fall by the wayside for me. I think it’s because I’m introverted and shy–I can’t figure out what to say on social media that would either be good for me professionally or would help me connect with people who share my interests (especially on different platforms!). That sounds lame when I write it out, but it’s true. Also, it seems exhausting to keep up with my various newsfeeds–I find all that information to be a bit draining!

Then I wonder, is that a bad thing? Should I beat myself up for not being online more often? Maybe I’m missing out on some wonderful opportunities to market myself professionally or connect with people. Sure, it couldn’t hurt to get myself out there, but why should I get down about it? I won’t let myself worry. And, if you are on social media a lot–good for you! I envy your ability to keep up with it all and I think it’s great. I think my main point is that you shouldn’t get yourself down about how you do things, or why, especially when it comes to the internet. Keep on doin’ you, is what I say.

Is anyone else out there like me, an introverted social media minimalist? Or are you a social media butterfly? Do you wish you connected more or unplugged more?

Blue butterfly