This is my last post on Unveil Your Brilliance. It makes me so grateful to Mary Kate for being such a reliable co blogger and for always supporting my ideas as we went on this journey together. It also makes me reflect on the time I spent as an intern at Epic Careering and how valuable that experience was to me. I already knew I loved getting to know people and figuring out what makes them special and Karen showed me a new way to do that through all of the aspects of career management. I learned a heck of a lot through my experience at Epic Careering and believe that I wouldn’t have landed the job I have today without it. I cannot be more honored to have been on the Epic Careering team with such amazing and inspiring people.

As I wrap up my thoughts on leaving, I just want to wish you all the very best and continued success in your lives both professionally and personally. I hope you all unveil, appreciate, and celebrate your brilliance!