Of change!

I wanted to say goodbye to Heidi and her wonderful blog posts on Unveil Your Brilliance. We’ll be losing a dedicated, intelligent, and hardworking contributor for this blog, but I wish Heidi all the best with her new career! Working with her has been fun and I’ve learned a lot; I also hope Heidi has learned from me.

Change is a scary thing–I’m definitely not a fan of too many changes. I like my routine, my friends, and my hobbies; and though it would be lovely if those things could stay the same forever, wouldn’t that get a bit boring? We wouldn’t be able to challenge ourselves or each other if everything about our lives remained stagnant. Heidi is embarking on a new adventure, excuse my cliche, and though I may hate saying goodbye to working with her on this blog, she’s opening herself up to new opportunities.

I think it’s very important to welcome the possibility of change in your life. When I was looking for a job, my parents used to tell me to never say no to something immediately if I just think I won’t like it. You never know what you might enjoy doing. I’m trying to be better at accepting opportunities when they come to me, and that could be a new experience, food, movie, or something bigger. You just don’t know what life will bring you and you have to be prepared to make decisions based on what’s best for you and for your path. We all have our own personal journeys to follow and nothing is certain, so why not make your own journey?

Good luck, Heidi, and I can’t wait to see what you’re going to make of your life :).