Hello everyone! I’m new to Unveil Your Brilliance and I will be taking Heidi’s place. I’ll explain how I met Karen and what I do here in just a moment. First, an introduction.

I’ve lived in Philadelphia for my entire adult life and I graduated from Temple University in 2008. I majored in communications and had my heart set on working as a writer in Philadelphia. Things changed when the recession hit and I dabbed with freelance writing. My main source of employment is my work as a part-time as a package handler for a major shipping and logistics company. I’ve been an employee since 2001 and I envision myself staying at the company for another decade. I also earned extra money as a part-time cashier at a large pet store for almost five years. Saying that makes me feel incredibly old-fashioned because most Millennials my age move from job-to-job every few years. My biggest passions in life are video games, animation, TV and technology. Those passions led me to collaborate with like-minded friends and we created Damage Control, a news and reviews blog dedicated to our hobbies. My blog has been my primary source of writing until I met Karen nearly a year ago.

I’ve been helping Karen with the Epic Careering blog since last August and it certainly has been a great experience. In August, I had almost completely put the idea of freelancing writing on hold. I was swamped with my part-time jobs and the thought of adding more work to my schedule did not appeal to me. My mother was at a networking event and she met Karen. The subject of needing writers for Epic Careering came up and my mom gave me Karen’s contact information. I hesitated for a moment. On one hand, I could give my freelance writing career a badly needed push. On the other hand, I would be incredibly busy and I can be stubborn when it comes to life changes. I felt like Neo in The Matrix. Karen was Morpheus and in each of her outstretched hands she offered me a red pill and a blue pill. I knew taking the red pill would change my life in a significant way. The blue pill represented what was comfortable and familiar. With some apprehension, I took the red pill.

Working for Karen at Epic Careering has improved my writing and my mindset. I broke free of the cynical feeling that I would never land a job as a freelance writer because I wasn’t employed immediately after college. She took a chance on me as a writer and now I’m a member of her core staff. Being a member of her core staff allowed me to quit my pet store job. I might be a little late to the communications field I sought after college, but I finally arrived. Everyone has their brilliance– it just needs to be unveiled. I’m glad I decided to embrace change and stop relying on the comfortable and familiar.