First, let me welcome Angela to Unveil Your Brilliance :). I’m happy to be working on this blog with another enthusiastic writer who has her own story to share. Reading about Angela’s background reminded me of my own struggles after graduation–I was eking out a meager amount of money doing various projects for different people, but I was so focused on what I thought I should be doing that I wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was actually doing. I know we’ve all been there–you graduate with big dreams and then you realize that it’s a little harder than you thought to start on the path to achieve those dreams. What struck me most about Angela’s journey is that she stayed true to her passions–animation, video games, technology and, of course, writing–by maintaining a blog dedicated to these interests with some friends. She never gave up on writing about what she loved just because she had two part-time jobs. I admire that because sometimes I just wanted to give up completely on writing out of frustration, exhaustion, or a combination of both.

Luckily, I didn’t give up on writing because I was given the opportunity to work with Karen on various projects. I believe Karen has been a sort of mentor to me during these past few years that I’ve worked for and with her. Having a mentor, or even just someone whose opinion you value and trust, is so important. I know I sometimes felt as though I was stumbling blindly through the world when I graduated–here I was, a young woman fresh out of school, with very little real-world experience, who had absolutely no idea how to get started doing anything. Working on different projects for Karen allowed me to continue writing and open my mind up to new experiences; I think that if I hadn’t had those different experiences, I would be a completely different person now.

So, thank you, Karen, for your mentorship :). And again, welcome to Angela!!