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Balancing my work life and my personal life has recently been a challenge.

Lately, I have been reading a lot of articles about successful freelancers and the self-employed. I love reading these types of stories because they’re uplifting and serve as a source of inspiration. The idea of not having to get up early, fight morning traffic, and punch a timecard sounded wonderful. If people have successful careers that bring them happiness and fulfillment, surely I could achieve a similar type of success. What you don’t always hear about is how hard a person may have to work to maintain that success. When does passion and the drive for work turn into a never-ending chore and full-on anxiety? Where does one draw the line between work and relaxation when they first begin their career? As I made the transition to freelance work, I discovered that getting away from work isn’t as simple as punching out for the day.

I would be in a constant rush to read about an assignment, or I would fret about how well I was performing my daily tasks. Even when I was supposed to be away from work, I worried about work. Work-related anxiety was not healthy. Then I came across articles that discussed the importance of a good work-life balance. I wasn’t actively searching for them, but boy did they speak to me! I realized just because my work was now connected to my home and I didn’t have set hours, I was not obligated to constantly stay plugged in. It was okay to say no at times and save less important assignments for another day. If I needed to take a 15-minute break to do nothing, it should not be a problem. It is important to dedicate a day or two away from work for family and friends. The reward for learning to unplug from work is the ability to return to work with more focus and clarity.

I can’t say I’ve come close to mastering my work-life balance, but I’m starting learn what my boundaries are and the importance of keeping a flexible schedule. Adjusting to career changes doesn’t happen overnight. As long as I striving to do better and understand there will be setbacks, I’ll eventually achieve success as a freelancer.

How have you overcome your own issues with balancing work and your personal life?

"Work in Progress" by Justin See of Flickr

“Work in Progress” by Justin See of Flickr