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In just a few short days, I’m going to become a homeowner! My loan application was approved earlier today and I make settlement on Friday. This is a big step for me because I’ve never lived on my own. I’m excited and a little nervous. I’ve wanted to leave home for a number of years now, but I didn’t have the income, or my income was needed at home to help out. Getting this house is a solution that solves both problems. I’m purchasing a duplex- one floor is currently rented out and I’ll live on the other. Some of the generated income helps my family while also helping to keep my mortgage payment reasonable. I’ll also experience the ups and downs of being a landlord.

For me, moving out is a huge leap forward into adulthood. Driving, obtaining a college degree, and finding steady employment are very important milestones in my life, but there’s nothing quite like the freedom of living on your own. A show I recently listened to on Radio Times about adults moving back home hit me hard. If getting readjusted to your parents rules are difficult when returning home, what about the adult children who never left home? There’s definitely friction between the person you are as an adult, and the child your parents will always see. Ideas about how problems should be handled, your work life, and your overall lifestyle can easily clash.

I’m not saying moving out is the path to easy street. I’m certain there will be times where I’ll run into difficulties and complications. There will be days I wish I’d stayed at home. Still, I firmly believe it is better take a risk, to either succeed or fail, rather than never taking a risk at all. As Karen would say, “Epic adventures ahead!”

(If you’re wondering about my cleaning challenge, it was partially successful. The challenge still stands since I’ll be moving out in September.)

Our Riverview, Michigan home for 23 years 1987-2010

Our Riverview, Michigan home for 23 years 1987-2010


I did it! I accepted a new job! This Friday is my last day at my current office :).

I’ll be doing the same thing I do now (well, almost the same thing) but at a larger company. I’m very excited! It seems like the organization of their work is very different than what I’m used to and I can’t wait to learn something new. I do love my current company (especially the people), but I just felt that it was time for me to make a personal move.

I feel so much more experienced now, not only with applications, cover letters, and interviews, but with my own self-knowledge and expertise in my field. I’m certainly not an expert in anything, but I feel MUCH more confident in my abilities after almost two years working diligently. Also, I know myself and I know how I work, so I was able to answer interview questions honestly and effectively. I had answers to the hiring manager’s questions ready to go because I was confident that I knew what I was talking about. This process was so different from when I went through it the first time two years ago!

While I’m sad I’m leaving my current company, I’m also excited to begin a new path. And, let me tell you, I feel powerful. I took charge of my future and decided to look around for a new opportunity in my career path. Don’t be afraid to look and don’t be afraid to take the leap and apply! Remember, the best time to look for a job is when you already have one :).


Having an organized place to work is wonderful for personal morale and overall positivity. This isn’t one of those stories. (Not yet, anyway!)

One of my favorite topics that MaryKate wrote about was organizing her workspace. That section of her post always stood out to me because having a neat and tidy desk is something I’ve always wanted, but I’ve never been successful at maintaining. Even now, my desk is filled with hazards such as open notebooks, too much unread mail, and lots of paperwork. Additionally, my office is filled with magazines I’m in the process of reading, or I have yet to read. I’m amazed at how quickly they add up. A GameInformer here, an issue of Otaku USA there, and even a few dozen issues of Newsweek sprinkled around for good measure. (Fun fact, Newsweek went all digital years ago.)

Needless to say, I’m dissatisfied with the state of my office and my desk. While clutter doesn’t impede my ability work, it is an eyesore and a constant reminder of my inability to organize. I’ve issued a challenge for myself because it is a great way to get things done. By the time my next post goes up, I’ll have the clutter on my desk cleared away. This means organizing files, placing them into appropriate holders, and checking my mail on a regular basis.

By the end of August, I’m going to have my dozens of magazines cleared out. This means clipping and storing articles I want to keep in expanding folders, then bundling the rest of the magazines and tossing them out for recycle. When everything is put in its place I know I’ll be able to breathe a big sigh of relief. Additionally, my workspace will be something I can look forward to visiting each day, instead of feeling annoyed by my constant procrastination.

What’s the biggest personal organization issue you ever had to face?

A picture of my desk. :(

A picture of my desk. 😦

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend! Mine was perfect but too short (isn’t that always the way?).

Recently, I realized that I’ve been changing a part of my personality that I thought was ingrained into the deepest recesses of my soul: I’m slowly but surely becoming less and less of a procrastinator. Just writing this post will surely jinx this, but I may as well write all about it before that happens, am I right?

Ever since I was a kid, I remember putting things off until the last possible minute (there are, as always, exceptions to this–it’s pretty hard to write a 20-something page term paper at the last minute, for example): cleaning my room, doing my homework, going to sleep at a reasonable hour (!). Ever since I moved into my apartment last year, though, I find myself doing more and more when I have some down time instead of just vegging out. The other day, for example, I took my clean clothes out of the dryer, folded them, and put them away. I am the queen of folding my clean laundry next to my bed and leaving the pile there until it becomes so overwhelming it just falls over. This past Thursday, I had an hour until I was going to leave work and I actually used that hour to get through a set of revisions for an issue instead of checking my email or talking to people in my group about my plans for the Fourth. Amazing, right? (Probably not to the normal, responsible human being who is reading this thinking, “Who is this person?!”)

This post makes it sound like I’m a hot mess that struggles through a typical day trying to complete tasks that should be simple, but it’s not quite that dramatic. I’m just so used to putting tasks off until not necessarily the last minute, but later, that this is a huge revelation to me! I wonder what is going on with my brain chemistry? Could it be that I’m slowly morphing into my own version of an honest-to-goodness, for-real adult? That’s what I attribute my desire to eat vegetables instead of junk for dinner to :). I suppose it makes sense–I’m not a kid anymore and it really is easier to maneuver around my bedroom when my clean clothes are put away, or to function on a Monday morning when that set of revises that I could have easily completed last week is actually finished!

And you know what? I think I’m sort of okay with dropping some of my younger-self personality quirks! Here’s to a more mature me :).


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