Having an organized place to work is wonderful for personal morale and overall positivity. This isn’t one of those stories. (Not yet, anyway!)

One of my favorite topics that MaryKate wrote about was organizing her workspace. That section of her post always stood out to me because having a neat and tidy desk is something I’ve always wanted, but I’ve never been successful at maintaining. Even now, my desk is filled with hazards such as open notebooks, too much unread mail, and lots of paperwork. Additionally, my office is filled with magazines I’m in the process of reading, or I have yet to read. I’m amazed at how quickly they add up. A GameInformer here, an issue of Otaku USA there, and even a few dozen issues of Newsweek sprinkled around for good measure. (Fun fact, Newsweek went all digital years ago.)

Needless to say, I’m dissatisfied with the state of my office and my desk. While clutter doesn’t impede my ability work, it is an eyesore and a constant reminder of my inability to organize. I’ve issued a challenge for myself because it is a great way to get things done. By the time my next post goes up, I’ll have the clutter on my desk cleared away. This means organizing files, placing them into appropriate holders, and checking my mail on a regular basis.

By the end of August, I’m going to have my dozens of magazines cleared out. This means clipping and storing articles I want to keep in expanding folders, then bundling the rest of the magazines and tossing them out for recycle. When everything is put in its place I know I’ll be able to breathe a big sigh of relief. Additionally, my workspace will be something I can look forward to visiting each day, instead of feeling annoyed by my constant procrastination.

What’s the biggest personal organization issue you ever had to face?

A picture of my desk. :(

A picture of my desk. 😦