In just a few short days, I’m going to become a homeowner! My loan application was approved earlier today and I make settlement on Friday. This is a big step for me because I’ve never lived on my own. I’m excited and a little nervous. I’ve wanted to leave home for a number of years now, but I didn’t have the income, or my income was needed at home to help out. Getting this house is a solution that solves both problems. I’m purchasing a duplex- one floor is currently rented out and I’ll live on the other. Some of the generated income helps my family while also helping to keep my mortgage payment reasonable. I’ll also experience the ups and downs of being a landlord.

For me, moving out is a huge leap forward into adulthood. Driving, obtaining a college degree, and finding steady employment are very important milestones in my life, but there’s nothing quite like the freedom of living on your own. A show I recently listened to on Radio Times about adults moving back home hit me hard. If getting readjusted to your parents rules are difficult when returning home, what about the adult children who never left home? There’s definitely friction between the person you are as an adult, and the child your parents will always see. Ideas about how problems should be handled, your work life, and your overall lifestyle can easily clash.

I’m not saying moving out is the path to easy street. I’m certain there will be times where I’ll run into difficulties and complications. There will be days I wish I’d stayed at home. Still, I firmly believe it is better take a risk, to either succeed or fail, rather than never taking a risk at all. As Karen would say, “Epic adventures ahead!”

(If you’re wondering about my cleaning challenge, it was partially successful. The challenge still stands since I’ll be moving out in September.)

Our Riverview, Michigan home for 23 years 1987-2010

Our Riverview, Michigan home for 23 years 1987-2010