Yesterday was my first day at my new job! I’m very excited to be starting at this company-so far everyone seems very nice! It’s a bit larger than my previous job (office/building-wise and people-wise) so that will take some getting used to! I’m also located in a pretty busy part of town, whereas before I was in a nice, fairly quiet part of the city. I am also RIGHT across the street from my train station, so that’s amazing :-). For awhile I’ll be training and shadowing current employees before I get my own assignments, so I’ll try to enjoy the “down time” while I can!

I wanted to talk about first days, whether they’re at a new job, school, or any place else. I do think first impressions are important, but I also think that they’re not everything. I was introduced to a lot of people yesterday and I tried to be friendly and positive; for example, when someone would welcome me to the company, I would say “Thank you! I’m very excited to work here.” Or something similar. It was important for me to express that I was not nervous about this job, but happy and willing to learn. Of course I’m nervous, but I don’t want to communicate nervousness to all my new co-workers!

I also dressed up–my office requires business casual dress (but a little more on the casual side, I think, much like my previous job) and I made sure I looked nice. Not that I don’t try to look nice all the time at work, but I put a little extra effort in on my first day to show my manager that I’m serious about this opportunity. Also, I made eye contact. I don’t remember who I talked to or where I learned this, but I know that it’s important to establish myself as a new employee when I meet people by making eye contact with them. Also, I noticed that it helps me remember people’s names a little better (I am terrible with names) because it forces me to give my full attention to the person I’m meeting.

Finally, I smiled. I want to make friends and network in my new position and I want people to know that I’m friendly and approachable. But, really, above all else, just be yourself. I know that sounds cheesy but you’re great, right? So if you just continue to be great, everyone will notice that and gravitate toward you :-).

Does anyone else have any first day stories?