I’m learning a lot about my peak productivity when it comes to doing tasks that require mental focus. Lately, writing has been a big one for me. In my quest to write shorter articles at a faster pace for work, I made a valuable discovery about my abilities. My peak productivity is in the late morning to early afternoon. It is the time of day when I’m able to write with the most clarity, ideas come to me faster, and revising work isn’t a difficult task. The real challenge has been attempting to write comprehensive articles off peak productivity hours on Sunday nights. At one point I was able to do this, but in recent months it has become nearly impossible.

The best I can manage are early Monday morning hours where I don’t find myself disturbed, but it is a constant battle to stay awake. The easiest way to remedy this issue would be to simply change my Sunday hours. That is easier said than done, at this moment. My mornings are usually dedicated to God and my afternoons are filled with chores. That said, I seem to be on the verge of a breakthrough. Recently, our church has started services at 9AM, which means worship ends around 11, as opposed to services starting at 11:30. The biggest breakthrough will be moving out next month, as I’ll be free to set my own Sunday afternoon schedule. When that time comes, I can’t wait to experiment and see how my productivity is increased when I’m writing during my peak hours.

Small update on my cleaning challenge: I’ve cleaned up the mail on my desk and bundled a fraction of my magazines for recycle. Overall, my desk is much neater and that makes me a LOT happier. 🙂 (I also upgraded to Windows 10. So far, so good!)