I recently was browsing through a few articles on Epic Careering and realized I’ve been freelancing with the blog for a year now. My first article, “How Fear Limits Careers” was posted on August 14, 2014. When I started writing for Karen, I had no idea how long I would stay. In fact, I almost believed I wasn’t up to the task for writing until Karen persuaded me to give it a try. There was a lot to the revision process as I had to wrap my head around the Epic Careering way of doing things. I learned a lot and I’m still learning a lot. I certainly didn’t envision myself becoming a staff member a half year later.

Working with Karen has had big a impact on my life. She helped me see how others could well, have their brilliance unveiled. In other words, I see people in a more positive light. When writing about the news or current events, a sense of cynicism can slowly overtake your thinking. At times I found myself frustrated with people, and I often shook my finger at them when writing. Sometimes it was a conscious decision, sometimes it happened subconsciously. Ever since I’ve started writing for EC, that process doesn’t happen quite as often. Additionally, working back-and-forth with Karen on articles means I can see how to help people realize their own strengths. Suddenly, an article that starts out telling a reader what they should do instead becomes a way to encourage and empower them. It is an awesome feeling!

It’s amazing where your journey may take you, if not physically, then mentally.

Thanks for an awesome year, Karen!

Cupcake with one candle and napkin by yanyanyanyanyan of Flickr

Cupcake with one candle and napkin by yanyanyanyanyan of Flickr