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Moving is the worst. It really is. I find it funny that poor Angela and I are going through this at the same time! Funny in a sad way, that is…. I hate moving so much, but I also feel amazingly accomplished because I’ve had to get things done in a short period of time. In fact, tonight I’m going down to my apartment for the last time (hopefully!) to do one last sweep of the place before I leave! I’m pretty excited about that–once I started organizing and packing, I just wanted out!

Angela’s post last week was so helpful because I was reading it right in the thick of packing, throwing away, and organizing. I really love a good list, so having someone else make one that I could easily follow was a nice pick-me-up :). Last week, while thinking about how much I still had to do, I decided to pat myself on the back for what I had already done. I don’t praise myself enough and I thought that after I cleaned the bathroom would be the perfect time for some much-needed self-love. I did it well and I did it fast, what more could I ask for? But, of course, I was right down in the dumps again the next day because I still had more stuff to move to my storage unit. Would it never end? After wallowing for a few minutes, I tried to perk myself up. I had a mini-concert in my car on the way to my storage unit as a reward for a job well-done (I packed that car to the gills–it was like I was playing Tetris!). Finally, earlier today, I was thinking about how I still have vacuum the place one last time and do a final walk-through to make sure everything looks okay and I started to feel anxious. Instead of giving in to that anxiety, I turned on some soothing music on my iPod and read a great book at lunch. I was treating myself because it’s okay to do that every once in awhile.

I tend to get anxious and then a little depressed when I have big tasks to complete. Breaking those tasks down into smaller, more manageable pieces keeps my mood in check, but so does allowing myself to feel content and even proud of the work I’ve already accomplished. As Angela and I (and I’m sure most, if not all, of you lovely  readers out there) know, moving is HARD! So next time you’re in a situation like that (moving, cleaning, completing a big project for work or school, or anything major), treat yourself to something that makes you happy and relaxed when you accomplish a small part of your goal. Don’t be so hard on yourself :).

Do you practice this method of treating yourself when you accomplish something? If so, what do you do?



Moving day is almost here! To be exact, I’ll be moving out this Saturday. The date I decided on seemed very far off at the time. Now that my big move is only a few days away, it feels like I don’t have enough time in the day for all the tasks that need to be completed. To be honest, I’m kicking myself for not taking a vacation or at least a few days off from my night job. One major upside is that I’m moving out my parent’s home, so odd and ends can be tied up later. If I had a redo button on planning my move here’s what I would do differently:

1. Don’t try to be Superwoman: Take the time off as needed. For the most part, friends and family can only help you so much. There are occasions where you need to set aside a few moments or days to really take care of business. If you have to juggle work and family obligations this quickly becomes an exercise in frustration.

2. Plan when you can: When moving into a house that needs repair work try to have a timeline established. Decide how much work needs to be done before you can move in, or if you want to move first and make repairs later. If you opt for repairs before you move, give your contractors a deadline and decide on a payment schedule. Trust me, you don’t want your contractor or handyman to stop showing up for work and to ignore your phone calls. (This happened to me with a contractor I thought was reliable.) Repairing after moving allows you to move sooner, but you may spend a chunk of your free time fixing up the house. Personally, I think it boils down to preference- if you have the luxury of a choice.

Here’s something else to take into consideration: the longer it takes you to move from one house to another, the more bills you have to juggle. In my case, I’ve already paid the utilities and the mortgage for one month—this is on top of paying rent to my parents. (The saving grace is that my tenant’s rent helps out greatly with the mortgage.) Sometimes slow and steady doesn’t win the race.

3. Keep your eye on the goal: Even on the most stressful days I keep my goal in mind. Despite the stress, my move will soon be over and I’ll be out on my own. Once I’m finished moving I can return to a normal routine. When I think of the end plan my excitement usually counteracts my stress.

I’ll have an update once I’ve completed my move. Hopefully, it’ll be a positive follow-up with all of things I did correctly.

Packing up part of my collection of video games.

Packing up *part* of my collection of video games. I’ve collected a lot of stuff over the years… *Sigh*

The insanity that is my life right now is incredible. Packing, throwing things away, donating…it never ends! Or at least it seems like it doesn’t. And I don’t even have that much stuff! I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed recently, most likely due to the fact that instead of having a nice set of appointments or things to do that will happen in an orderly fashion (because that always happens, right?), I’m running all over trying to get things done! I finally scheduled my big moving day, the day where I will move my furniture into a storage unit until I can officially move into my new place. The most comforting part of that is now I know the big stuff will be over and done with by next weekend. The rest of it, the cleaning and throwing things away, can be done fairly quickly after that.

Throughout all of this craziness, I feel like I need more alone time than usual. I like to be around people, but after a big outing, party, or get-together, I find the prospect of some me-time very inviting. Usually stress brings out more of a desire to be alone and I find myself reading more often or watching movies and not talking for hours. It’s very nice. It helps me collect my thoughts, lay them out on the table (so-to-speak), and sift through them. It also helps me forget for awhile, if that’s what I feel I need to do.

Sometimes my overall mood hangs on these alone-times. Sometimes I only need one of them in a span of a few weeks. Either way, I’ve learned to listen to myself and take some personal time if I’m starting to get crabby.

I know this time won’t last forever, nor do I want it to, because I know I can’t cocoon myself away from the world forever. I think too much alone time would also drive me batty :). For now, though, I welcome the solitude so I can recharge my batteries and devote all of my mental energy to thoughts of moving!

What about you, how do you recharge? How often do you feel like you need to be alone?


I was recently watching an episode of Charlotte, an animated TV show. I completely found myself agreeing with the episode’s theme of never giving up. In the episode, Shunsuke is a teenager who has the ability to rewind time, or time travel back to any date in the past. He uses the ability to save his friends and family from a horrific future. Shunsuke fails multiple times and his frustration and despair are almost palatable. Nevertheless, his desire to change the future is so strong that he never accepts failure as a final option. Eventually, he succeeds after countless attempts and manages to create a better future for his friends and family. When Shunsuke succeeds you can’t help but cheer.

We may not have the ability to time travel and undo mistakes, but we do have the will to succeed and create opportunities. Thinking back on my life, there are many things I would love to do differently. Not giving up is the one thing I’m glad I did. After I graduated and the job market was in shambles, I never stopped writing and attempting to hone my media skills. Some skills became rusty, but I never gave up on the idea of being a writer. The chance to work for Epic Careering was definitely the opportunity I needed, but more importantly EC cemented the idea that failure isn’t an option.

Through some of the articles I’ve helped write, or through sharing content on social media, the idea that opportunity is out there for those who keep trying is a constant reality. I’ve had the pleasure of learning about people who’ve never stopped seeking career opportunities and have eventually succeed, whether it’s changing career paths in midlife, breaking into an industry after years of trying, or landing a job after months of unemployment. In short, even if the future may seem dim, you haven’t failed until you’ve stopped trying.

Shunsuke's resolve. Screen cap by Random Curiosity (

Shunsuke’s resolve as he prepares to time travel. Screen cap by Random Curiosity (

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