I was recently watching an episode of Charlotte, an animated TV show. I completely found myself agreeing with the episode’s theme of never giving up. In the episode, Shunsuke is a teenager who has the ability to rewind time, or time travel back to any date in the past. He uses the ability to save his friends and family from a horrific future. Shunsuke fails multiple times and his frustration and despair are almost palatable. Nevertheless, his desire to change the future is so strong that he never accepts failure as a final option. Eventually, he succeeds after countless attempts and manages to create a better future for his friends and family. When Shunsuke succeeds you can’t help but cheer.

We may not have the ability to time travel and undo mistakes, but we do have the will to succeed and create opportunities. Thinking back on my life, there are many things I would love to do differently. Not giving up is the one thing I’m glad I did. After I graduated and the job market was in shambles, I never stopped writing and attempting to hone my media skills. Some skills became rusty, but I never gave up on the idea of being a writer. The chance to work for Epic Careering was definitely the opportunity I needed, but more importantly EC cemented the idea that failure isn’t an option.

Through some of the articles I’ve helped write, or through sharing content on social media, the idea that opportunity is out there for those who keep trying is a constant reality. I’ve had the pleasure of learning about people who’ve never stopped seeking career opportunities and have eventually succeed, whether it’s changing career paths in midlife, breaking into an industry after years of trying, or landing a job after months of unemployment. In short, even if the future may seem dim, you haven’t failed until you’ve stopped trying.

Shunsuke's resolve. Screen cap by Random Curiosity (randomc.net).

Shunsuke’s resolve as he prepares to time travel. Screen cap by Random Curiosity (randomc.net).