The insanity that is my life right now is incredible. Packing, throwing things away, donating…it never ends! Or at least it seems like it doesn’t. And I don’t even have that much stuff! I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed recently, most likely due to the fact that instead of having a nice set of appointments or things to do that will happen in an orderly fashion (because that always happens, right?), I’m running all over trying to get things done! I finally scheduled my big moving day, the day where I will move my furniture into a storage unit until I can officially move into my new place. The most comforting part of that is now I know the big stuff will be over and done with by next weekend. The rest of it, the cleaning and throwing things away, can be done fairly quickly after that.

Throughout all of this craziness, I feel like I need more alone time than usual. I like to be around people, but after a big outing, party, or get-together, I find the prospect of some me-time very inviting. Usually stress brings out more of a desire to be alone and I find myself reading more often or watching movies and not talking for hours. It’s very nice. It helps me collect my thoughts, lay them out on the table (so-to-speak), and sift through them. It also helps me forget for awhile, if that’s what I feel I need to do.

Sometimes my overall mood hangs on these alone-times. Sometimes I only need one of them in a span of a few weeks. Either way, I’ve learned to listen to myself and take some personal time if I’m starting to get crabby.

I know this time won’t last forever, nor do I want it to, because I know I can’t cocoon myself away from the world forever. I think too much alone time would also drive me batty :). For now, though, I welcome the solitude so I can recharge my batteries and devote all of my mental energy to thoughts of moving!

What about you, how do you recharge? How often do you feel like you need to be alone?