Moving is the worst. It really is. I find it funny that poor Angela and I are going through this at the same time! Funny in a sad way, that is…. I hate moving so much, but I also feel amazingly accomplished because I’ve had to get things done in a short period of time. In fact, tonight I’m going down to my apartment for the last time (hopefully!) to do one last sweep of the place before I leave! I’m pretty excited about that–once I started organizing and packing, I just wanted out!

Angela’s post last week was so helpful because I was reading it right in the thick of packing, throwing away, and organizing. I really love a good list, so having someone else make one that I could easily follow was a nice pick-me-up :). Last week, while thinking about how much I still had to do, I decided to pat myself on the back for what I had already done. I don’t praise myself enough and I thought that after I cleaned the bathroom would be the perfect time for some much-needed self-love. I did it well and I did it fast, what more could I ask for? But, of course, I was right down in the dumps again the next day because I still had more stuff to move to my storage unit. Would it never end? After wallowing for a few minutes, I tried to perk myself up. I had a mini-concert in my car on the way to my storage unit as a reward for a job well-done (I packed that car to the gills–it was like I was playing Tetris!). Finally, earlier today, I was thinking about how I still have vacuum the place one last time and do a final walk-through to make sure everything looks okay and I started to feel anxious. Instead of giving in to that anxiety, I turned on some soothing music on my iPod and read a great book at lunch. I was treating myself because it’s okay to do that every once in awhile.

I tend to get anxious and then a little depressed when I have big tasks to complete. Breaking those tasks down into smaller, more manageable pieces keeps my mood in check, but so does allowing myself to feel content and even proud of the work I’ve already accomplished. As Angela and I (and I’m sure most, if not all, of you lovely  readers out there) know, moving is HARD! So next time you’re in a situation like that (moving, cleaning, completing a big project for work or school, or anything major), treat yourself to something that makes you happy and relaxed when you accomplish a small part of your goal. Don’t be so hard on yourself :).

Do you practice this method of treating yourself when you accomplish something? If so, what do you do?