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My move-in was successful :). It’s SO nice to finally be able to say that after all the months of stressing and worrying about the whole process. I’ve officially been in my apartment for almost 10 days now and I have a confession to make: I’m not really completely unpacked yet. I know, I know–crazy, right? The truth is, I’ve been doing little things here and there such as taking a few hours to organize the kitchen, put away my winter clothes, and decide how I want to decorate my place. Oh, and I put my books away in my tiny bookshelf–so that’s something! Honestly, I think I’m taking Angela’s advice from two weeks ago to heart and I’m not stressing out about getting everything put in its place right away. I’m really enjoying this part of my life–I’m working hard at my job and I’m getting to know my new place, as well as getting to know myself in a place that’s all mine.

In order to make sure that I do eventually unpack, I’ve tried to make some loose lists to organize myself, such as what will go in my bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc. I have a one bedroom apartment but it came with an “extra room” that is too small to be a bedroom, but is still pretty awesome for an office or a “library” ;). How do I want to fix it up? Do I need to make that decision right away? Absolutely not! It’s fun thinking of all the possibilities.

I’m going to spend my day at work productively (I can feel it!) then I’m going to go home and maybe do a bit more unpacking. If I get frustrated, bored, tired, or feel anything but excited to be doing what I’m doing, I’ll stop. I’m allowing myself to take some time and do things slowly. It’s really paying off–I’ve been reading, writing, and talking to friends and family a lot more these past 10 days. I don’t feel weighed down and stressed about anything; who wouldn’t want to keep things the way they are?

Do you have any moving/unpacking stories? How did you keep a handle on the stress of it all?

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Have you ever had a looming deadline that seemed to creep up on you? Your world seems to come to a halt and it may feel hard to breathe. Deep down inside, you kick yourself because you know you could have managed your time better. Friends, that has been my week. I am on track to complete my goals (to the best of my ability), but I feel as if my situation could have been handled so much better. In short, procrastination and distractions aren’t pretty, and both have gotten the best of me. At times, I feel as if everything is in a state of chaos. I know the solutions and what I must do, but getting there seems to be the problem.

There might be hope for me! While researching an article for Epic Careering I came across one major solution for people who tend to overwork themselves- creating and sticking to a schedule. I always plan out how the day should go in my head, but reality turns out to be a far different matter. Perhaps it is time to physically write down a schedule and stick to it. Sitting back, I can’t believe I haven’t recently taken the time to write down my goals, my objectives, and how I want the general flow of my days to progress.

With the holidays coming up at my night job, I know I’m going to be extremely busy. (Actually, I’m busy now, as I’ve started taking extra shifts at UPS.) I’m issuing myself a challenge. I will write down my goals by hand, transfer them to a whiteboard, and then create a digital copy via Trello that can be updated as needed.

If my cleaning challenge worked, surely this challenge can as well.

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately with moving and getting used to my new job. I’ve talked about this feeling in previous posts and I try to stay organized and make time for myself, but sometimes something else is missing. I sat down to think about this the other day and I realized that I haven’t been creative in a long time. I may make time for myself to unwind, but I don’t make time to create anymore. I used to write all the time and I was never without my notebook or journal, but in the past few years I’ve stopped writing (just for myself) almost completely.

Why is that? Why would I let what used to be one of the most important aspects of my life just fade away? Honestly, I think part of it is laziness. At the end of the day, I would come home and do something mindless instead of sit down to write. I’ve decided that this state of being isn’t acceptable anymore–why have I allowed this to continue? I’m stopping it right now. I found a small, blank notebook that can fit in my work bag and I’ve decided to write in it at last a few times a week. I don’t want to make this a chore, but I also want to be hard on myself if I know I’m letting myself slip. It’s a difficult balance to achieve, but I just want to get back to when I would write and not think about it–it was just second nature. I think my creativity is what makes me who I am and right now, I’m not letting it come out.

If I write and draw during the “me” time I set aside for myself each week, I think I will feel much better emotionally. This blog is one of my only creative outlets at this point (and I am very thankful for that!), but I definitely need more! I was doing some research online the other day, and I thought about giving myself some writing “prompts” to get me started. It has been a long time since I’ve written creatively, or even journaled, so I feel a bit rusty; maybe a short writing prompt to get me started wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

I had to have a “talk” with myself about writing–I love it, right? It helps me hash out ideas, doesn’t it? I can share it or not share it, depending, correct? So what’s the big deal? When I couldn’t come up with anymore excuses, that’s when I decided to start writing again–for me :).

What about you? Have you fallen away from your own creativity recently (whether that’s writing, painting, singing, or anything else)?


I survived my move! It was an interesting experience. I ended up taking one night off from work to finish cleaning my office, then spent Friday night and the Saturday of the move packing last minute items. I slept for about three hours and went to pick up the moving truck. I was met with my first surprise when I arrived at U-Haul. Somehow my order for a 10-foot moving truck morphed into an order for a pickup truck. For a moment I stared, dumbfounded. Then I had to laugh at the situation. (It might have been the sleep deprivation.)

I have nothing against the Ford F-150, but there’s no way it could efficiently move me into my new house. I ultimately had to take a moving van because that’s all U-Haul had left. With my van in tow, my friends and I began to move my items. This is where working for UPS comes in handy since we were able to pack all of the boxes tightly and drove the large van without issue. Still, it took about five trips. Fortunately, my new house was only ten minutes away.

After moving some boxes into the bedrooms and leaving the rest in the living room, we called it a day. The van was returned and we spend the rest of the night unwinding. I’m the only occupant of my apartment-sized house so I figured there was no rush, given how little sleep I had in the days leading up to the move. I spent the night watching TV with my friends. The next day I returned to the house to set-up my desk and PC for work on Monday. By the end of the week, I had a fully functioning office and kitchen. I also unpacked some of my winter clothes, but I decided it would be best not to kill myself unpacking. One day at a time.

So what was done right during the move?

  1. I made sure all of my utilities were in place. This wasn’t hard given the house had been worked on a weekly, then daily basis after I purchased it in July. I switched the utilities over in August. I also made sure I had internet and cable ready a week before my move. Having the internet allowed me to work without issues on Monday.
  1. I called in advance for the moving truck. This would have been a solid success had it not been for the strange mix-up. Still, having a van was better than not having anything at all. I advise calling and double checking your order. You may not have the luxury of 10-minute move.
  1. Reliable movers. My friends were there and our logistics experience from UPS was a big help. There’s nothing like being able to move efficiently and have someone on your side that is comfortable driving and backing-in large vehicles. Had I not had my friends, I might have used a professional moving company to avoid headaches.
  1. Not sweating the unpacking. Once you have yourself set up and comfortable, there’s no rush to get everything unpacked at once, especially if you’re living alone. Those pictures and bookshelves can be put up at your convenience.

I’m done moving and I’m happy. Living alone is pretty awesome! I wish MaryKate the best of luck with her move later this month.

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