I survived my move! It was an interesting experience. I ended up taking one night off from work to finish cleaning my office, then spent Friday night and the Saturday of the move packing last minute items. I slept for about three hours and went to pick up the moving truck. I was met with my first surprise when I arrived at U-Haul. Somehow my order for a 10-foot moving truck morphed into an order for a pickup truck. For a moment I stared, dumbfounded. Then I had to laugh at the situation. (It might have been the sleep deprivation.)

I have nothing against the Ford F-150, but there’s no way it could efficiently move me into my new house. I ultimately had to take a moving van because that’s all U-Haul had left. With my van in tow, my friends and I began to move my items. This is where working for UPS comes in handy since we were able to pack all of the boxes tightly and drove the large van without issue. Still, it took about five trips. Fortunately, my new house was only ten minutes away.

After moving some boxes into the bedrooms and leaving the rest in the living room, we called it a day. The van was returned and we spend the rest of the night unwinding. I’m the only occupant of my apartment-sized house so I figured there was no rush, given how little sleep I had in the days leading up to the move. I spent the night watching TV with my friends. The next day I returned to the house to set-up my desk and PC for work on Monday. By the end of the week, I had a fully functioning office and kitchen. I also unpacked some of my winter clothes, but I decided it would be best not to kill myself unpacking. One day at a time.

So what was done right during the move?

  1. I made sure all of my utilities were in place. This wasn’t hard given the house had been worked on a weekly, then daily basis after I purchased it in July. I switched the utilities over in August. I also made sure I had internet and cable ready a week before my move. Having the internet allowed me to work without issues on Monday.
  1. I called in advance for the moving truck. This would have been a solid success had it not been for the strange mix-up. Still, having a van was better than not having anything at all. I advise calling and double checking your order. You may not have the luxury of 10-minute move.
  1. Reliable movers. My friends were there and our logistics experience from UPS was a big help. There’s nothing like being able to move efficiently and have someone on your side that is comfortable driving and backing-in large vehicles. Had I not had my friends, I might have used a professional moving company to avoid headaches.
  1. Not sweating the unpacking. Once you have yourself set up and comfortable, there’s no rush to get everything unpacked at once, especially if you’re living alone. Those pictures and bookshelves can be put up at your convenience.

I’m done moving and I’m happy. Living alone is pretty awesome! I wish MaryKate the best of luck with her move later this month.