Have you ever had a looming deadline that seemed to creep up on you? Your world seems to come to a halt and it may feel hard to breathe. Deep down inside, you kick yourself because you know you could have managed your time better. Friends, that has been my week. I am on track to complete my goals (to the best of my ability), but I feel as if my situation could have been handled so much better. In short, procrastination and distractions aren’t pretty, and both have gotten the best of me. At times, I feel as if everything is in a state of chaos. I know the solutions and what I must do, but getting there seems to be the problem.

There might be hope for me! While researching an article for Epic Careering I came across one major solution for people who tend to overwork themselves- creating and sticking to a schedule. I always plan out how the day should go in my head, but reality turns out to be a far different matter. Perhaps it is time to physically write down a schedule and stick to it. Sitting back, I can’t believe I haven’t recently taken the time to write down my goals, my objectives, and how I want the general flow of my days to progress.

With the holidays coming up at my night job, I know I’m going to be extremely busy. (Actually, I’m busy now, as I’ve started taking extra shifts at UPS.) I’m issuing myself a challenge. I will write down my goals by hand, transfer them to a whiteboard, and then create a digital copy via Trello that can be updated as needed.

If my cleaning challenge worked, surely this challenge can as well.