It was quite a weekend for much of the East Coast! I hope snow aficionados were pleased with the totals Winter Storm Jonas left in our wake. I also hope everyone stayed warm and safe. Personally, I ceased to be a fan of snow when I reached adulthood. There is always a lot of shoveling and driving on slick roads isn’t much fun. Big snow storms are also problematic for another reason– they tend to throw a wrench in your plans. It is one thing taking the day off from work because it is too dangerous to travel; it is another when your weekend doesn’t go as planned.


Case in point, my work schedule for the week is slightly off, which puts a dent in the plans of others. The best example would be my writing. After some experimentation and meeting new challenges, I finally hit a stride that may work for me in the long run. For some types of writing I need a decent lead time. The time may be a couple of days, or a couple of hours before a deadline. I need more time for topics outside of my comfort zone. Not because it takes me days to write an article, but the extra time allows me explore my creativity and to tighten up my writing. I have come to learn I’m not the type of writer who can churn out quality work on the fly. I’m not sure if I will ever be (outside of very short articles) and I’m okay with that realization.


My work week is off because all of the tasks I would have done on Sunday have been pushed into the week, thanks to the storm. I am running the risk of not getting my article notes completed in time, which in turn may cut into my lead time. When such events come up, I can only think to keep going. After all, a world without delays certainly does not exist. I have also learned if you work hard enough, delays can sometimes be turned around and work out for the best.


How have events beyond your control altered your plans and how did you cope?


My sad attempt to shovel snow on the morning of the winter storm