As many of you may have been able to tell from my posts, I suffer from anxiety. It’s something I have to work with every day and I am still learning about it. I think this is an important topic that people should feel comfortable talking about because it seems to me that more people suffer from anxiety, depression, and other illnesses than I realized. I guess it’s a sensitive topic (I know it took some soul-searching on my part before I felt comfortable enough to write this post). I’d like to talk about dealing with anxiety on a personal level as well as a professional one in a two-part post (this being the first part) because I think it would be beneficial for millennials to raise their voices and talk about this shadowy topic out in the open.

On a personal level, I deal with stress and anxiety by doing small but effective things, such as listening to music, lighting a candle, engaging in calming activities that I enjoy, and exercising. I also try my very hardest to not allow work issues to seep into my home-time (I’ll talk about that more next time). I’d also like to start meditating at some point but, honestly, I’m a bit worried because of all the thoughts whirling around my head. It may sound counterproductive, but I’m afraid they’ll completely take over and I’ll be in a worse position then when I started. Maybe one day! For the most part, these other strategies work; I am able to calm myself sufficiently so I don’t feel that I’m adrift and unable to come back to reality.

I think these “rituals” to help me calm myself down are so important to me, personally. I know that prolonged feelings of stress and anxiety can have long-lasting physical as well as mental effects. I also want to clarify that I’m not on any medication or anything like that for anxiety, so I am only speaking here in terms of my own experience. Please feel free to share your experience in the comments if you feel so inclined.

How about you readers out there–does anyone deal with anxiety or any other illness? What works for you when you need calming down?

Charlie Brown