As an adult, all work and very little play is a real possibility. Life becomes extremely busy and suddenly all of your favorite hobbies fall to the wayside. The importance of hobbies cannot be stated enough. They provide a way to relieve stress, keep burnout in check, and fun is a great psychological boost. If you have been following me for a while on Unveil Your Brilliance, you can probably guess that video games are one of my favorite hobbies. However, I’ve not had much time to play them since I moved in September. As a homeowner and landlord, the responsibilities never seem to end, on top of the duties that come from adult working life. Nothing’s quite a killjoy like when the tenant calls to tell you part of the electric is out, or you discover the heater is malfunctioning. It seemed as if vacations were really the only time I had to game, and I spent my last vacation sick too sick to enjoy much of anything.

Fortunately, I heard some great advice from one of my favorite gaming podcasts, Married to the Games. One of the hosts works full-time from home and has a family. His solution to finding time to game was to play each weekday morning at 5 for about an hour. That idea always stayed with me and recently I decided to put it into practice. While I can’t wake up at 5 each morning to play, I found starting at 6:30 to be an acceptable solution. In the past I’ve tried staying up an hour later, but my night job tends to leave me physically exhausted. Waking up earlier is much easier than fighting to stay up later. An hour of gaming a day has definitely helped me to address some of the frustration I felt with not being able to enjoy my hobby, especially given my massive backlog.  My greatest goal is to also make time during the day for other hobbies, such as reading more books and writing fiction.

What are your favorite hobbies and how do you make time to enjoy them?


Even while on vacation, I tend to bring a few game consoles along.