One of the things I enjoy most about my night job is the paid time off. I am a part-time employee, but I am given several weeks of vacation time. (During the slow periods of the year taking a paid vacation actually pays more than going into work.)  Far too few Americans take vacations because they aren’t offered or people fear falling behind in the workplace. I understand the former, but I have a difficult time comprehending the latter. For the most part, I believe if paid time off is offered that it should be used. Even at my night job some people cut their own vacations short. One or two of my co-workers would return mid-week claiming they were bored at home. I can’t imagine having such an uninteresting home life that I would return to work early. Although, there were times I worked for a day or two on my vacation to make extra money for an expensive trip. Still, time off is important and the consequences of not doing so are real. Failing to take time off (or even working long hours) results in increased stressed, disengagement, and lost productivity. I helped write extensively about the subject for Epic Careering in October.

I know it is time for a vacation when stress begins to creep into my personal and working life. My ability to concentrate on work plummets and I generally feel angry. Taking a week off during various times of the year and spending a good chunk of it relaxing diminishes my stress. At the end of my week-long vacations I feel refreshed. I’m not sure how I would feel if I took all three (soon to be four) of my allotted weeks off, but I’ll save those thoughts for an epic vacation.

My current vacation week is not very epic. That said, the vacation does include a road trip to Boston to cover Anime Boston for Damage Control this weekend and to relax with friends.

As I prepare for my trip, I will leave you with a few questions. Do you take vacations often? What do you like to do while on vacation? Are there any noteworthy places to visit while in Boston?

National Lampoons Vacation

A scene from National Lampoon’s Vacation. Some call this movie satire, I call it a dark comedy. A required image when talking about vacations.